Neighbors for Crebilly


Show your support for saving Crebilly Farm by putting our sign on your lawn! Please send us a message and we'll tell you where to get them.

What you can do to help

• Get on our email list and share our emails when they arrive.

• Put our lawn sign on your property. Let decision makers know you support saving Crebilly! To get a sign, please send a message to us via or send us a message through the "contact" page and we'll tell you how to get one.
• Come to meetings! Show your opposition to this threat to your health and quality of life.
• Donate to help us with our communications expenses.
• "Like" and follow us on facebook. Comment on our posts and share them!
​​• Thank Carolyn Comitta for her support and for understanding the benefits of open space. 
• Call State Senator Tom Killian at 717 787-4712  Ask him to speak up for open space in his district.
Contact Chester County Commissioners.  Ask them to protect this land.  
• Call the township supervisors and ask them to help us protect this land.
• Sign and share the Crebilly petition.  
• Support county and township candidates for office who truly support the preservation of open space.